AUGUST 15th 2018
TREEspect were recently  asked to mediate  between the owner of a mature beech tree and their neighbours who wanted to carry out works on the tree. Unfortunately due to the neighbours somewhat underhand tactics, dialogue had broken down between them. 

The tree is in a conservation area and has a high amenity value and stands proud in a small Cotswold Village. On visiting the tree we spoke with the recently moved in  neighbours who expressed their displeasure at having the inconvenience of having this fine tree over shadowing their property, dropping leaves and acting as host to birds of all things. The neighbour disclosed to us that she had already spoke with a local tree surgeon to carry out reduction works to the tree and they would be submitting an application to the council. Our view was that minimal works would not alleviate any of the issues the neighbour was upset with and a larger reduction would not only be detrimental to the trees future vitality but would also significantly affect the trees visual impact on its surroundings. After speaking with  the neighbour we contacted the local tree officer and submitted a report and a request for them to consider serving a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) in order to afford more protection for the tree and peace of mind for the trees owner. Today we have been informed that a TPO has now been served and the owner and neighbour have been notified. The owner of the Beech is obviously very pleased with the outcome as are we.  

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